Arriving in Japan

Arrival in Japan

The Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt arrived at Osaka Kansai airport (KIX) on time and was uneventful. The quality of service was surprisingly good. Lufthansa's service was almost on a par with some of the Asian airlines. As expected, we arrived in Japan very exhausted after the long haul flight.

The flight was booked through which offered us the cheapest combination of flights and hotels for our journey.

The rail terminal was well signposted in English within Osaka airport. The maps on the back of the Japan Rail Pass lead us quickly and accurately to the Japan Rail exchange desk. The man behind the desk spoke good English and quickly supplied our passes. At his suggestion, he also booked seats for us on the next train from Osaka to Kyoto; it was due to leave within a few minutes. With the helpful and accurate directions of the JR clerk, we were able to make the train despite our exhaustion.

Our JR passes were inspected and accepted quickly by the appropriate officials. As expected, the JR train arrived on time with its doors aligned with the markings on the platform.