Tourist guides to Japan and Australia

Worldwide Travel

Travel around the world has become quicker and cheaper than ever before. For people interested in the Japanese Language, there are two significant places to travel to.


Japan provides the opportunity for total immersion in the Japanese language and culture. There are opportunities to visit many historical sites and to shop in the most modern Japanese arcades, as an aid to absorbing the modern Japanese life. Many foreigners do find the experience of visiting Japan somewhat overwhelming and almost alien, unless they already have some Japanese language skills.


An alterative to Japan itself is a visit to Australia. Cairns in particular is bilingual Japanese and English and almost bi-cultural with Japanese. Shops and restaurants in Cairns often give higher precendence to the Japanese language than to English, and some districts provide a passable illusion of being in Japan.

One advantage that Asutralia has for the western traveller interested in Japanese, is that it provides an easy retreat into an Engilsh speaking western environment when necessary.