Puff the magic dragon

Puff was a popular song in the 1960s. Puff the Magic Dragon was sung by "Peter, Paul and Mary" One of the song writers, Leonard Lipton, says that an Ogden Nash poem, concerning a "Realio, trulio, little pet dragon" was the original inspriaton.

The lyrics of the song tell the story of the fun that a boy called Jackie Paper with his lifelong friend, Puff.

It also hightlights the problem that humans have far shorter lifespans than dragons. So, when the humans die they depart from a dragon's life, leaving the unfortunate dragon feeling very unhappy.

Claims that there is a hidden message behind the lyrics are refuted on other web sites.

As well as the original lyrics, there have been various adaptations and parodies. Two particularly strange ones cast Puff as a Jewish or Kosher dragon, rather than as his original form of a magic dragon.

In 1978, a short series of short animated television cartoon based on the song were made. The series included Puff the Magic Dragon, Puff The Magic Dragon and the Land of the Living Lies, and Puff and the Incredible Mr. Nobody.