The Last Dragon

Last Dragon"Last Dragon Movie"

The Last Dragon takes a documentary style look at how Dragons might have evolved and how the last dragons might have finally died out. The documentary follows a scientific course with some natural history. It has very much the same style as the behind the scenes parts of the 1999 BBC "Walking With Dinosaurs"Dinosaurs.

The Last Dragon was originally shown in the UK on Channel 4 in 2005.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Although there are no dragons obviously visible in this film, there is one present in the language of the original Mandarin Chinese version. Lo is named Xiao Hu which means "Little Tiger" and Jen is called by the nickname Jiao Long which means "Pampered Dragon".

The title Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon apparently derives from a Chinese saying which teaches one to conceal one's strengths to preserve the element of surprise. This is a recurring theme in Lao Tzu's Art of War.

Hidden Dragon Film

A CD of the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Theme is avaiable independantly of the film.

Crouching Tiger Music