Harry Potter Lego Toys

In conjunction with the Harry Potter, Goblet of Fire book and film, Lego has produces some magical sets that represent key scenes.

Dragon's favourite ones are available from Amazon. All Lego sets mentioned are suitable for children aged seven years or older as well as interested adults.

Harry Potter and the Hungarian Horntail Dragon

The most interesting challenge that Harry Potter faces in the "Goblet of Fire" is an encounter with a Hungarian Horn tail Dragon. The species is evidently vicious and uncivilized, unlike the majority of surviving dragons. (Hagrid would probably assert that Horntail dragons are naturally peaceful but the one used for the competition was magically provoked.)

As expected, this lego set includes a golden egg for Harry to retrieve, Harry Potter himself (equipped with a magnetic hand), his broomstick and of course the dragon, complete with horns and spiky tail.

Unfortunately, the kit does not come with any sections of Hogwarts Castle to be ripped open by the dragon's talons.

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Harry Potter and the Horntail dragon lego cameo

Harry Potter: Durmstrang Ship

The Durmstrang Ship is a wonderful lego set for Harry Pottter Fans. Despite the unreasonable absence of dragons, it does go very well with the Horntail dragon set. It has a surprising level of detail.

The ship has a major role in the Goblet of Fire, when it rises from the lake near Hogwarts School to bring the Durmstrang students, including Victor Krum, Harry's rival (and incidentally world renowned Quidditch player), for the Triwizard Tournament.

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Harry Potter Durmstrang ship cameo

Harry Potter: Rescue from Merpeople

Although this small set does not contain any dragons, it does go very well with the Horn tail dragon set.

The "Rescue from the mer people" Lego set contains the setting for Harry Potter and Victor Krum to rescue Ron and Hermione from water demons and merpeople as they sleep at the bottom of the lake.

Hermione and Ron come with two different faces, to represent them waking or asleep. Harry Potter comes with his normal face and one with gills to complete his tournament costume, while Victor has a shark head as well as his ordinary one.

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Harry Potter and The Merpeople lego Box