Crystal Glass Dragon

Collectors of dragon ornaments will find that there are few more beautiful ornaments the Swarovski crystal dragons. Purchase dragon

All of the Swarkovski view tracker Magic of Crystal ornaments from Swarovski are attractive, stylish and elegant, but their dragons have a particularly oriental grace and elegance. The glittering faceted glass refractsand reflects light from the surroundings, so each crystal dragon takes on a unique appearance, depending on its setting and lighting.

Dragon Design

Swarkovski The finest dragon that Swarovski have in their catalogue at present is 150mm x 82mm (about 6 inches by 3½ inches). It has light Topaz eyes and comes on a dark wood base. It was designed by Gabriele Stamey.

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Missing Dragon

The Swarkovski range used to inlcude a small crystal Zodaic dragon in its catalogue, but it is currently unavailable.